Video and Imagery Analysis
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Video and Imagery Analysis

Our experts employ advanced technologies and scientific methods in the analysis of videos and still images to accurately and reliably quantify data from security and surveillance videos and photographic evidence.

Photogrammetry in Civil & Criminal Proceedings

The experts at Robson Forensic provide photogrammetric analysis of surveillance video, personal video, and still imagery. Our experts employ advanced technologies and scientific methods to accurately determine the size and location of objects, as well as the path of movement relative to other items. Dimensions can be compared, measured, and rendered into 3D computer models based on videos or photographs of incident scenes.

Our experts have the ability to generate technically accurate video simulations in both 2D and 3D environments. Where movie quality animations are needed, our team works with various animation studios to provide technical direction; our engineers perform the calculations and work with the animator of our client’s choice to generate captivating, demonstrative graphics. This process of collaboration ensures that simulations and animations abide by the laws of physics for realistic movement and dynamics.

Our photogrammetry experts are regularly retained to investigate events such as vehicle crash reconstruction and personal injury. Other investigations include crime scene modeling, complete with bullet trajectory, blood spatter, and participant movement.

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