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The quality of patient care provided within the health care setting is heavily influenced by the aid and assistance provided by nurses, therapists, and other health care professionals and direct care staff. When patients are injured within the health care system, our health care professionals are frequently retained to provide expert witness services concerning the quality of care provided by medical professionals.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, & Other Health Care Facilities

The health care experts at Robson Forensic can address the adequacy of care provided in hospitals, nursing homes and other acute, rehabilitation, long term, outpatient or residential health care facilities. The scope of our investigations will frequently involve an evaluation of administrative policies and procedures, the level of care provided by health care professionals, or the maintenance and custodial practices of care facilities.

Health Care Providers & Administrators

Our health care experts can approach investigations from the perspectives of the caregiver or the facility administrator. Among our experts you can find professionals with experience working hands-on with patients as nurses or therapists or other care providers; you can also find extensive administrative experience working as Nursing Home Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Directors of Therapies, and Resident Assessment Coordinators.

Health Care Forensic Investigations Often Involve:

  • Pressure Ulcers / Bed Sores
  • Patient Falls
  • Patient Handling
  • Patient Transport
  • Patient / Resident Elopement
  • Patient / Resident Dietary Compliance
  • Infection / Wound Care
  • Assistive Devices

The health care practice at Robson Forensic is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for disputes involving the adequacy of care and supervision. When appropriate, Robson Forensic can supplement these investigations with experts specializing in biomechanics, toxicology, human factors, industrial hygiene or other areas of specialized expertise.

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Health Care Experts

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