Heavy Truck & Bus

Robson Forensic employs truck and bus experts with decades of industry experience. These experts understand the handling dynamics of heavy vehicles and the physics required to accurately and dependably reconstruct collisions involving these massive vehicles. Our heavy vehicle experts bring decades of experience designing, testing, and building tractor trailer combinations, passenger buses, and motor homes.


Our heavy truck and bus experts are degreed engineers who worked for heavy vehicle or heavy vehicle parts manufacturers. Our experts understand how these vehicles are built, how they handle, and how they behave before, during, and after a crash.

Reconstructing a crash involving heavy trucks or buses can be considerably more complicated than conventional vehicle crashes and may require consideration for several factors not relevant in automobile to automobile crashes.

  • Size: Trucks are bigger and heavier than automobiles, up to 40 tons, compared to 1-2 tons. As the difference in mass between colliding vehicles increases, normal calculation models used in crash reconstruction become less reliable.
  • Configuration: There are many different configurations of heavy trucks, from a single unit straight truck to 3 trailer triples. Truck configurations effect vehicle maneuvering and stopping characteristics.
  • Damage: Damage to the truck in a truck-automobile crash is usually minimal compared to the auto. This may require more sophisticated approaches to calculating crash forces.

Learn more about the importance of having an automotive engineer perform your reconstructions by visiting our page on Crash Reconstruction.


The heavy truck experts at Robson Forensic can effectively determine if a design or manufacturing defect was a contributing factor in the cause of a crash or injury. We also have experts in the areas of driver qualifications, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, fleet management, vehicle maintenance, vehicle fire origin and cause, body builder up-fitting, slips and falls, and much more.

Our experts have many years of experience in the heavy truck and bus industries. Whether it’s design, testing, operations, or accidents, we have the expert you need to investigate your case.


As a full-service forensic firm our heavy truck and bus experts are supported by specialists in areas that often influence vehicle-related incidents such as conspicuity, lighting, meteorology, highway and traffic engineering, biomechanics, human factors, toxicology, and liquor liability.


Robson Forensic offers a fully appointed mechanical testing laboratory to assist our clients with the inspection of evidence related to vehicle crash cases. Our lab facilities can accommodate evidence as large as complete vehicles, as well as smaller vehicle components or traffic guidance devices. Visit our Mechanical Testing Laboratory page for more information.


Call or submit an inquiry to tell us about your case. Once we determine which expert is best qualified to assist, we will put you in direct contact.

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