Hydrology Experts

Robson Forensic hydrogeology and hydrology experts are engaged in forensic casework involving the movement, distribution, and quality of surface and groundwater.

Groundwater, Surface Water, and Soil Quality Issues

The interplay between ground and surface water can complicate the distribution of chemical and hazardous material spills; it can lead to unintended consequences in downstream water distribution channels; it can also adversely affect soil quality for residential and agricultural uses.

Our experts in hydrology and hydrogeology are retained when injuries or economic losses occur related to ground or surface water pollution, flooding or water supply depletion, or various other issues related to soil and water quality.

The hydrologists at Robson Forensic can analyze the effects of various activities on the hydrologic regime by:

  • Determining aquifer and well properties
  • Evaluating catchment and basin recharge, water outflows, water reserves and water quality
  • Performing resource assessment with the aid of mathematical models
  • Determining the effectiveness of groundwater development and recharge schemes
  • Identifying sources of contamination
  • Sampling to delineate and characterize the extent of soil and groundwater contamination
  • Monitoring and testing to determine aquifer properties, hydraulic heads, groundwater velocities and flow patterns
  • Determining the volume of soil and groundwater impacted
  • Assessing the extent, time frame, and routes of contaminant migration
  • Identifying potential environmental and human harm

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Hydrology Experts

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