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The maritime experts at Robson Forensic are frequently retained to investigate collisions and other mishaps that occur on and around the water. We bring the scientific method approach to vessel accidents, whether that vessel is an ocean going freighter, sport fishing boat, or a PWC (Personal Water Craft).

The Resources and Experience to Investigate Vessel Accidents

Our experts cull through all the available information to present a clear, concise report of what happened and why. On sea going vessels this may include using the AIS (Automated Identification System), chart recorders, bridge transmissions, and engine order telegraphs to determine the steps in the progression of the accident. Our experts look at the damage to see that the cause fits the results and that it is explained to our clients.

Maritime Evidence & Testing

Robson Forensic offers a fully appointed mechanical testing laboratory to assist our clients with the inspection and storage of evidence in maritime cases. Our lab facilities can accommodate large evidence items and are equipped to perform testing on a variety of electrical and mechanical devices. Visit our Mechanical Testing Laboratory page for more information.

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Call or submit an inquiry to tell us about your case. Once we determine which expert is best qualified to assist, we will put you in direct contact.

Marine Accident Experts

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