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Casework involving medical products or biological samples will often require the storage and analysis of evidence. Our highly qualified independent laboratory provides fast, affordable and reliable retrieval, processing and storage of medical device evidence.

We specialize in procuring medical instruments and supplies, surgically explanted components, biological specimens including: tissue, fluids, and histological specimens, to assist our clients with managing this critical aspect of their practice.

Medical Device & Research Laboratory Services

Our team of scientists and engineers has been involved in the writing of standards such as ASTM F561-19 Standard Practice for Retrieval and Analysis of Medical Devices, and Associated Tissues and Fluids. Their efforts have contributed to court ordered evidence handling protocols.

The engineers and scientists at Robson Forensic have developed a complete solution for medical evidence involved in legal disputes. Our patented medical device retrieval package streamlines the procurement of evidence. Our laboratory utilizes preservation methodologies that are widely accepted in the field of biomedical engineering and in accordance applicable standards and court orders.

Robson Forensic continues to handle thousands of cases involving medical evidence. Using our patented product, we pride ourselves on our ability to hold our practice to strict standards abiding by case specific court ordered protocols and beyond.

Let our experienced laboratory staff help you procure and preserve your medical device evidence. We offer standardized and custom kits.

Laboratory Services Include:

  • Patented intra-operative or post-operative explant retrieval kits.
  • Trained staff available to coordinate with hospitals, doctors, pathology departments, and plaintiffs in the retrieval of incident devices.
  • Upon receipt, evidence is preserved in accordance with strict scientific standards and court directives, where applicable..
  • Photographic documentation, detailed visual inspection, verification of ID numbers, and confirmation of device type are all performed and cataloged.
  • Secure storage of the highest standards.
  • In-house experts available to perform failure analysis including, but not limited to; SEM, CMM, microscopy, tribological analysis, white light and wear testing.
  • In cases requiring additional testing, we are equipped to coordinate those efforts with minimal turnaround time.

Laboratory Facilities

Our evidence management and storage procedures ensure that the evidence in your case is collected, thoroughly documented, and stored systematically to preserve its condition from the time it enters our custody through case closure. All of our policies and procedures are in accordance with strict scientific and ASTM standards.

Research Services Include:

  • Research and Scientific Consulting
  • Medical Device Lineages
  • Literature Reviews
  • Design and Fabrication

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