Medical Device & Pharmaceutical

Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Experts

Our experts in biomedical engineering and toxicology collectively spearhead the forensic casework involving medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs. Among these experts you will find industry experience working with some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers in the world. You will also find a collection of PhDs with impressive research experience relevant to drugs and medical devices.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles to biology for the advancement of medicine and human health. Experts in biomedical engineering are instrumental in the research, development, and testing of medical products and implantable medical devices.

These highly trained engineers cross the gaps between engineering and medicine toward the development of medical products that function in concert with the human body. The biomedical experts at Robson Forensic are often retained to investigate issues involving the design, testing, use, and licensure of medical products and implantable devices.


Toxicology is a branch of science with roots in biology, chemistry, and medicine. Experts in toxicology undergo extensive training and education to understand how the body responds when exposed to particular substances.

These experts are frequently retained to investigate the connection between particular exposures and specific health conditions. A toxicological analysis can, in many cases, make a scientifically reliable evaluation of causation as it relates to specific health conditions and the use of, or exposure to, drugs, environmental contaminants, or implantable medical devices.

Dependent upon the nature and complexity of your case, Robson Forensic can assemble a custom solution to provide a thorough and efficient investigation.

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