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Among our drug safety experts you will find toxicologists who worked for some of the most recognizable pharmaceutical companies in the world, you will find other experts with long standing research and teaching careers at prestigious medical schools. Our ability to bring experts from industry and academia provides a comprehensive solution for the most complicated toxicological questions.

Drug Safety Experts

Our experts in toxicology are often retained when adverse health conditions are suspected to have been caused by the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Our drug safety experts apply rigorous scientific analyses to evaluate the potential causal link between the negative health outcomes and the use, or misuse, of specific drugs or supplements.

Association vs. Causation

A temporal association is a relationship in time; that two variables occurred concurrently or closely following one another. There is a tendency to look at a temporal association as proof of causation; however, the fact that a negative health outcome developed along with, or closely following, exposure to a particular substance does not prove causation.

The toxicology experts at Robson Forensic utilize scientific research, patient medical records, and sophisticated scientific analyses to evaluate the specific negative health outcomes, as they relate to particular drug exposures. A toxicological analysis provides a scientifically reliable assessment of causation.

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