Among our premises security experts you will find former law enforcement and security officers with decades of relevant professional experience. Our experts evaluate the adequacy of supervision, hiring, and training practices for security personnel as well as physical security measures.

Active & Passive Security Measures

Our premises security experts evaluate the adequacy of active or passive security measures in relation to physical assaults and economic loss claims. Through analysis they determine whether or not the security measures were reasonable and sufficient based on a number of factors, including crime history of the area, industry standards, and background information specific to each incident.

The scope of our investigations includes the evaluation of hiring and training practices and policies, as well as physical security measures, such as closed circuit television and lighting systems. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) evaluations can also be performed when appropriate to the scope of the case.

Security Investigations Cover a Range of Environments:

  • Parking lots and garages
  • Transit stations
  • Clubs, restaurants, and bars
  • Housing complexes
  • Hotels, motels, and resort facilities
  • Retail facilities
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Stadiums, auditoriums, and theaters
  • Outdoor events and public gatherings

Premises Security Investigation Evidence & Testing

Robson Forensic offers a fully appointed mechanical testing laboratory to assist our clients with the inspection and storage of evidence in premises security cases. Our lab facilities can accommodate large evidence items and are equipped to host a variety of test procedures. Visit our Mechanical Testing Laboratory page for more information.

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