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A former FBI Special Agent who was also a Forensic Examiner within the FBI’s Questioned Documents Unit spearheads our Questioned Document Examination (QDE) practice. We are engaged in a broad range of QDE cases ranging from homicides to white collar crimes.

Authenticity and Origin

Questioned document examination is a discipline within forensic science that pertains to documents with disputed authenticity or origin. The primary purpose of the examination is to provide evidence about suspicious or questioned documents using a variety of scientific principles and methods.

Examiners inspect documents for the presence of alterations, obliterations, paper inconsistencies, and other signs of tampering. Through the course of the analysis, examiners can often reach a scientific determination of document origin and authenticity.

QDE Investigations Analyze:

  • Handwriting & signatures
  • Surface features
  • Watermarks
  • Alterations
  • Use of different inks
  • Embedded invisible information
  • Latent images
  • Ink stamps
  • Tampering and photo-substitution

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