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Education Experts

The quality of supervision is regularly called into question in the course of legal disputes. Our experts assess supervision practices and policies in a range of educational settings.

Supervision Experts

Our supervision investigations evaluate the impact of supervision, or lack thereof, on the injury of an individual as it applies to a variety of settings. Effective supervision requires the training necessary to identify hazardous conditions and behaviors before they cause injuries, and the active involvement of intervention methods before things go wrong. Our supervision experts are coaches, teachers, school administrators, athletic directors, social workers, psychologists, rehabilitation professionals and school transportation experts who speak to the standards of care for supervision in or affiliated with facility based programs and activities.

Please visit our pages specific to adult and childhood supervision for additional information on our available experts.

Education Experts

With more than 100 combined years of experience as teachers, coaches, and administrators, our education experts understand the responsibilities of education professionals. We have experience in all types of educational environments:

  • Elementary, Junior High, & High School
  • Alternative Education
  • College & Universities
  • Rehabilitation Settings
  • Extracurricular / Athletic / Recreational Courses
  • Early Education, Preschool, & Daycare Settings
  • Residential Schools
  • Foster Care Settings
  • School Transportation

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Education Experts

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