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Among our tree experts you will find experienced arborists and a group of facility operators who specialize in the maintenance of commercial, industrial, and recreational properties. Our tree experts can assist in determining the standard of care for property owners, the proper procedures for tree pruning and removal, as well as reverse engineering decay patterns to assess issues of notice.

Every Tree Dies

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of every tree drops to zero. For the majority of trees this is a non-issue, but when trees fall near people, buildings, or infrastructure, they sometimes cause personal harm or property damage. Our experts are retained in the latter situations and are frequently tasked with determining how and why a tree failed, whether or not the tree displayed signs of failure, and how the tree should have been cared for or removed.

Tree Expert Witness Investigations

Our Tree Experts are Tasked with Answering:

  • What is the responsibility of property owners?
  • Were vegetation management plans followed by utilities and DOT?
  • For how long did a tree display signs of failure?
  • What is the proper technique for felling a tree?
  • Was tree removal equipment used properly?
  • What is the value of a damaged tree?

Answers to these questions, which may arise months or even years after important events in the life of a tree, require experts with detailed knowledge of the growth characteristics and physical properties of different species and an understanding of the process of annual wood formation and response to wounding.

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