Winter Sports

Among our winter sports experts you will find athletes, coaches, and trainers, as well as experts who specialize in the operation of mountain resorts. Our experts have worked with participants at every level, from children on the bunny slopes to Olympic level athletes.


When individuals are injured in conjunction with winter sports, our experts are frequently retained to investigate the actions of the individuals and facilities involved. Our experts are tasked with identifying how an incident happened and determining the many factors that contributed to the occurrence. In addition, our winter sports experts provide proactive risk assessment consultation to mountain resorts in an effort to prevent incidents.

We are qualified to provide these opinions by way of our training, education, and experience. Our winter sports experts have competed at and coached athletes at every level of competition. We have contributed to the development of resort operations, risk management, and responded to countless injuries on the slopes. Our experts have committed a large part of their lives to winter sports and have a unique appreciation for ski area operations.

Winter Sports Investigations Include:

  • Area Operations & Maintenance
  • Lift Operations & Maintenance
  • Ski & Snowboard Training & Instruction
  • Emergency Response Training & Preparedness
  • Other Winter Activities: Snow Tubing & Snowshoeing

As a full-service forensic firm, Robson Forensic can provide experts in related disciplines to further advance the technical aspects of winter sports investigations. Examples of such experts may include biomechanical engineers, product liability experts, and human factors specialists.


Robson Forensic offers a fully appointed mechanical testing laboratory to assist our clients with the inspection and storage of evidence related to winter sports cases. Our lab facilities can accommodate large evidence items and are equipped to perform testing on a variety of equipment. Visit our Mechanical Testing Laboratory page for more information.


Call or submit an inquiry to tell us about your case. Once we determine which expert is best qualified to assist, we will put you in direct contact.