Demonstrative Evidence

Demonstrative Evidence

Clarify & Emphasize Critical Evidence

Robson Forensic offers one-off models and other physical demonstratives meticulously crafted to be relevant, accurate and representative of the issues in each case. These demonstratives can be used at any stage of litigation to showcase the function and composition of complex products; damage to vehicles, machinery, or other objects; or to assess the impact of alternative configurations.

Mechanical Models, Product Cutaways, and 3D Prints

Establish a physical presence in the courtroom that clarifies and emphasizes the critical evidence in your case. Several options exist for trusted, tangible demonstratives:

  • Product Cutaways – used to reveal the internals of products and systems, custom coloring can be applied for clarity
  • 3D Prints - accurate, scale prints of objects or environmental features can be adapted from new or existing laser scans or CAD models
  • Physical Models –static representations or fully functioning models can be fabricated to demonstrate systems, environments, or alternate designs

Expert Retention is Not Required

Our services for the development and fabrication of demonstratives do not require the retention of a Robson Forensic expert on your case. However, when advantageous to our clients we can draw on the expertise of in-house experts in the development of visual aids. A thorough conflict check will be performed at the onset of any new project.

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