Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services

First and Foremost We Are a Forensic Firm

There’s a reason ‘Forensic’ is part of our name: it’s what we do best.

Clients trust Robson Forensic when the stakes are high or the disputes are complex. As a firm, our structure, resources, and personnel are optimized to provide the highest quality investigations, reports, and testimony.

We are proudly not a referral service. Instead, we recruit top talent, painstakingly vet their credentials, and onboard the top .1% who possess the requisite intellect, wit, and experience to excel in this challenging industry.

We do not undertake this endeavor lightly. At Robson Forensic, your case will receive the thoughtful, professional attention it demands.

Finding the Right Expert Is Only the Beginning

The effectiveness of your expert, in all aspects of your case, is bolstered by the resources and structure of the firm. Robson Forensic experts are provided with the validated equipment, technical libraries, and support necessary to conduct efficient investigations that are beyond reproach.

The experience of more than sixty thousand cases informs our involvement in each assignment from expert placement on new case inquiries through the development of testing methodologies, report writing, and testimony. There is a very good chance that we have previously investigated a fact pattern similar to your case, and can assist you with anticipating the path ahead.

Please explore our Experts and Practices Areas to understand how Robson Forensic can assist in your practice. You may also call or submit a message to be put in touch with one of our experts.

Working for Robson Forensic

The creation of Robson Forensic owes credit to the fascinating nature of our work. The opportunity to place our hands on the physical remnants of destruction, determine the cause of failure, and advise on important issues of liability is an intellectually thrilling experience. Our experts are scholars and tradesman; at our very core we are problem solvers.

Visit our recruiting page to view current opportunities and learn more about what it’s like to work for one of the nation’s foremost forensic firms.