Non-Forensic Consulting

Non-Forensic Consulting

Technical Consulting Rooted in Forensic Failure Analysis

The perspective gained from investigating thousands of mishaps and countless system failures informs our approach to non-forensic consulting projects.

Clients turn to Robson Forensic when faced with technical challenges that exceed their in-house expertise or surpass the breadth and creativity of traditional consulting firms.

Unbelievably Broad and Deep Technical Expertise

Robson Forensic is not a firm of junior engineers and scientists. Most of our experts worked in industry for decades prior to starting their forensic practice. This experience is invaluable to our clients because not only have our professionals done the work at the highest level within industry, they have also investigated countless examples of design and implementation errors.

Any of our internal practice areas can be mobilized for non-forensic consulting projects. This diversity of expertise allows Robson Forensic to comprehensively address complex projects that may stifle traditional consulting firms.

By supplementing the traditional disciplines of science and engineering with accomplished professionals from specialized areas of expertise, Robson Forensic can provide the targeted solution you’ve been looking for.

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