Product Development Consulting

Product Development Consulting

Product Development Consulting Projects

We do more than forensic casework. The experts at Robson Forensic also bring their unique technical expertise and industry insight to product development projects. Robson Forensic brings diverse experience to strengthen and focus product development teams at multinational corporations, startups, and everything in between.

We offer a perspective that does not exist in typical product teams. Our in-house experts approach consulting projects with the insight gained from investigating countless product and system failures, making them especially attuned to failure analysis and the potential downstream consequences of engineering or process oversights.

Technical consulting teams are assembled to match the scope of each project and draw from available expertise across a broad range of engineering, construction, and scientific disciplines. Every project is handled discretely and under strict confidentiality protocols.

Product Examples

  • Scaffold & Manlift – On behalf of a start-up, this project involved the development of a novel fail-safe stopping mechanism and stability improvement applied to baker scaffolds and manually powered manlifts. Robson Forensic was involved throughout the entire development lifecycle, from concept through manufacturing.  
  • Storage System for Hydraulic Tool Attachments – On behalf of a large corporation, Robson developed the design, prototyping and testing of a custom solution for storing hydraulic tool attachments weighing thousands of pounds. Robson Forensic was approached with the problem and delivered a complete solution that included sourcing and qualifying a manufacturing partner.
  • Aquatic Safety Devices – Robson Forensic developed a novel technology to audit and scientifically validate lifeguard coverage zones. This included the involvement of specialty consulting experts during the early stages to apply visibility and perception principles within the aquatic environment. Our technical team remains engaged to consult on manufacturing refinements and new product development. 
  • Snow Removal System for Tractor Trailer – A large corporation engaged Robson Forensic to develop a mobile, hydraulic-powered brush system to remove snow from the top of large trucks. Robson Forensic was engaged early in the product development process to perform failure analysis on an existing design and provide guidance on product improvement.
  • Railroad Signal Improvement – Robson was engaged by a multinational corporation to analyze failures in a railroad signal system, and to offer a cost-effective solution that could be implemented as an R by R (Repair by Replacement) recall program.

Any of our internal practice areas can be mobilized for product development projects. Our diversity of expertise allows Robson Forensic to comprehensively address complex projects that may flummox traditional consulting firms.

Our highly qualified experts can bring the specific technical expertise or unique new perspective that your project is missing. 

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