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Proper forensic testing and analysis often requires the use of specialized tools and equipment, many of which would be unreasonably expensive for small firms or solo practitioners to own and maintain. To ensure the accuracy of our experts’ findings, Robson Forensic provides access to validated, state of the art equipment and laboratory facilities.

Whether you need to document the site of the incident, collect data from a vehicle, or test a product or material, when retaining an expert from Robson Forensic you can trust that it’s done accurately and in accordance with accepted practices.

3D Scanning & Mapping Technologies

Environmental scans can accurately memorialize millions of data points in your case that can later be used to perform measurements or create 3D models and simulations. We offer multiple technologies to satisfy the specific requirements of each case.

Drone Services

Our Technical Services team utilizes drones to gain a unique perspective that may be critical to your case. Obtain current overhead views of a crash sites, inspect powerlines, trees, building facades, obtain traffic flows and more as determined by the specific needs of your case. Robson Forensic drones are operated by a federally licensed drone pilot using equipment capable of capturing photos and video in 4K, performing 3D site mapping, and gathering verifiable data that can be used for further in-depth analysis.

Vehicle Data Analysis & Testing Technologies

Specialized and sometimes manufacturer-specific equipment is required to access the data contained within modern vehicle systems. Whether in the field or laboratory, our experts can assist with the extraction, analysis, and testing of nearly all vehicle makes and models, and their data systems.

Environmental & Material Testing Technologies

Industry and consensus standards are often developed based on the use of specific equipment and testing methodologies. The variability of equipment becomes significant as the scope of investigations broadens, but is absolutely necessary in the determination of reliable findings. Robson Forensic maintains specialized equipment for environmental sampling, force measurements, coefficient of friction testing, materials analyses, and more.

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