The Combined Effect of Alcohol and THC on Driving Impairment Webinar Series

In this webinar, Dr. Michael Whitekus will be presenting information from a workshop that he recently presented and co-chaired on cannabis safety at the Society of Forensic Toxicology Annual Meeting.

Combined Effect of Alcohols and THC

The Combined Effects of Alcohol and Marijuana (THC) on Driving Impairment 

In this presentation, Dr. Whitekus will specifically address the problem, more individuals are driving after concurrent consumption of alcohol and cannabis; the dilemma, the current scientific literature indicates that the combined effect of alcohol and cannabis on driving impairment is greater than either drug alone; the response, a fascinating review of past National Safety Council recommendations for alcohol and cannabis from 1937 to the present will be summarized and current recommendations made in light of the problem and the dilemma.


Michael J. Whitekus, Toxicology & Drug Safety Expert

Michael J. Whitekus, Ph.D., DABT

Toxicology & Drug Safety Expert
Dr. Michael Whitekus is a board certified toxicologist, with advanced degrees in chemistry and toxicology, and over 25 years of academic and industry experience. He has extensive expertise evaluating… read more.

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