Drownings with Lifeguards on Duty – The Unrecognized Victims Webinar Series

This webinar explores some commonly misunderstood aspects of drownings that occur at facilities with lifeguards on duty.

When a drowning occurs at a guarded pool, the immediate reaction is often to point blame at the lifeguards, but recent science demonstrates that this is not always appropriate. The leader of our Aquatics practice, Maria Bella, has investigated hundreds of drowning incidents across the country, from private pools to hotels, resorts, schools, and institutions large and small. Here she explains the scientific factors that may prevent an attentive guard from seeing or recognizing a swimmer in distress. She also describes the preventive steps that facilities can take to eliminate dangerous lifeguard blind spots.

Psychologist Dr. Staci Weiner closes the presentation with a discussion on the psychological impact of drownings. Her discussion includes the short and long term effects for those closest to the victim, as well as the potential implications for the lifeguards on duty.

Drownings With Lifeguards on Duty: The Unrecognized Victims - Expert Webinar [Video]

This video was recorded from the webinar on June 10, 2021.


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