Injuries at Fitness Facilities Webinar Series

This video was recorded from the webinar on April 11, 2024.

Fitness Facility Injury Expert Investigations

Weightlifting and fitness facilities are designed to promote fitness and health, but they are not without their share of risks, and injuries do occur. 

In this webinar, Weightlifting & Fitness Facilities Expert, David Ester will explore common causes of injury at gyms and fitness facilities, and the standards of care that apply to owner/operators, trainers, and managers. Dave will share insight from his experience as a coach and gym owner/operator, as well as from his forensic casework.

Transcript Excerpt

Three things that we kind of see really commonly, in facility maintenance and operation:

We see slip and fall accidents, and various reasons for this - it could be the wet surfaces, from cleaning and not having proper signage or marking wet areas. We see uneven surfaces.

We see flooring issues or equipment issues, and tripping hazards. A facility has an obligation to ensure that the training space is reasonably free of hazards, and weights or various implements, not being stored properly or being left out or things being too close together, can definitely present a hazard to individuals who are utilizing that space.

And last but not least, regular and preventative maintenance. There is a difference between the two of those.

Of the facility's physical environment, it's really important to maintain that equipment and to follow the manufacturer and industry standards to maintain that equipment.

Supervision is a big piece, especially when it comes to group training or one on one training.

But it also can be a piece when it comes to facilities that have more of a open general training space that not isn't necessarily specifically supervised, but has general supervision.

So trainers and coaches and instructors do have a responsibility to ensure that the individuals or patrons that are using their equipment or in the space that they're training them, are free from unreasonable hazards to themselves or others. 


David Ester, Weightlifting & Fitness Facilities Expert

David Ester

Weightlifting & Fitness Facilities Expert
David Ester (Sergeant, US Army Retired) is an expert in weightlifting and fitness facility operations. As an International level USA Weightlifting (USAW) coach, his expertise spans the full scope of… read more.

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