Interpreting Tire Damage in Vehicle Crash Cases Webinar Series

It is typical to find scuffs, gouges, punctures, and blowouts in tires following high energy vehicle crashes. The question we are often asked is whether the damage occurred as a result of the crash forces or if a defect or failure in the tire contributed to the cause of the crash.

In this webinar, tire expert Richard Sherman will help attendees understand how different forces and factors present on the surface of a tire following a crash. He will discuss the anatomy of a tire and review photos of damaged tires to help explain the indicators that forensic experts recognize and use as part of their investigations.


Richard Sherman, Tire Design & Failure Analysis Expert

Richard Sherman

Tire Design & Failure Analysis Expert
Richard Sherman is an automotive engineer specializing in tire design and failure analysis. He applies his expertise to the investigation of vehicle crash incidents, with a particular focus on those… read more.

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