Machine Guarding: Pinch Points & In-Running Nip Hazards Webinar Series

Pinch point and in-running nip hazards are associated with some of the most gruesome machine accidents we have investigated. Absent proper guarding, these design features have the potential to entrap a worker and pull them further into the machinery.

In this webinar video, Mechanical Engineer Jack Green, P.E. provides an overview of machine guarding by focusing more narrowly on pinch points and in-running nip hazards. His discussion includes an overview of the design safety hierarchy, common machine arrangements that result in these hazards, and some of the approaches taken by design engineers to prevent injury. Information will be conveyed through prior case examples in a way that will be applicable to a broader range of industrial mishaps.

Machine Guarding: Pinch Points & In-Running Nip Hazards - Expert Webinar [Video]

This video was recorded from the webinar on Sept 24, 2020.


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