Recognizing Liability in Construction Work Zones Webinar Series

Improper Temporary Traffic Control or mismanagement of Construction Work Zones can be especially difficult for heavy truck operators. The size and handling characteristics of these vehicles makes it difficult to navigate narrow lanes and safely respond to unexpected changes in traffic flows.

In this webinar video, highway engineer Kevin Gorman discusses the construction work zones issues that are most problematic for heavy trucks, but sometimes go unnoticed in litigation. His presentation includes specific case examples and key items to watch for when investigating these matters.

Construction Work Zones - Expert Webinar

This video was recorded from the webinar on October 28, 20201.


Kevin V. Gorman, Civil Engineer & Highway Engineering Expert

Kevin V. Gorman, MSCE, P.E., CCM

Civil Engineer & Highway Engineering Expert
Kevin Gorman is a Civil Engineer with nearly 20 years of professional experience involving roadway, infrastructure, and heavy construction. His background includes the construction, inspection,… read more.

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