Simplifying Technically Complex Cases Webinar Series

How can one get a techno-geek expert to simplify a technically complex case so normal people can understand it? The answer often lies with reconstruction. Done properly, it has the potential to clear multiple hurdles in one fell swoop – expert admissibility, causation, notice, punitive damages – and more. Bart will share his own experiences in applying reconstruction to simplify technically complex and high value cases. He will also discuss circumstances where reconstruction is not possible, inadvisable, or simply not worth the expense.

Bart Eckhardt, P.E. is a self-confessed techno-geek who has testified in deposition over 100 times and in trial several dozen times in matters where marine and/or mechanical engineering were at issue. He has been qualified as a marine accident reconstructionist and an industrial accident reconstructionist in state and federal venues. He is also President/CEO of Robson Forensic.


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