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Construction Vehicle Back-Overs

By Gregory H. Pestine, P.E.
Expert Overview

Construction vehicles which pose a risk for back-over incidents include pick-up trucks, workers’ private vehicles, dump trucks, ready-mix concrete trucks, tractor trailers, heavy equipment such as…

Confined Space Fatalities

By David A. Breitigam, CIH, CSP
Expert Article

Confined space working conditions have certain inherent risks and specific requirements for worker safety. To the uninformed, the hazards can be subtle, often invisible and misunderstood, but…

Temperature Control

By Kenneth J. Kutchek, P.E., C.F.E.I. & Rene Basulto, P.E., MSEM, CGC, C.F.E.I.
Expert Article

Temperature controls can factor into litigation in a variety of cases including the loss of perishable goods, lost product in manufacturing or processing facilities, fire damage, or personal injury…

Elevator Overspeed Incidents

By Dennis W. Olson, C.E.I.
Expert Article

Elevator overspeed incidents are among the elevator malfunctions that appear in our forensic casework. The sudden and unexpected acceleration of an elevator beyond the accepted contract speed,…

The Standard of Care for Fastener Selection

By Mark Duckett, P.E., S.I.
Expert Article

The root cause analysis in many structural failure investigations leads directly to a failed connection, and ultimately to a failed fastener. The failure of a connection often leaves a structure…

The Biomechanics of Oxygen Deprivation to the Brain

By Carolyne I. Albert, Ph.D.
Expert Overview

In this article, Mechanical Engineer & Biomechanics Expert, Dr. Carolyne Albert explains the ways in which brain hypoxia can occur as a result of mechanical forces and reviews the questions that a…

Falling Cargo: Injuries When Opening Trailer Doors

By Mark Respass
Expert Article

Cargo that shifts during transit presents a potentially serious struck-by hazard when the trailer doors are opened. The danger of falling freight is well recognized in the commercial trucking industry…

Bridge Resource Management

By Hendrik J. Keijer
Expert Article

An effective and skilled ship’s navigation team, subject to applicable requirements, should be well versed and trained in Bridge Resource Management (BRM). During any investigation where an…

Crowd Management

By Christopher C. Fogarty
Expert Article

An investigation following injuries or property damage at a special event or large gathering will often begin with an analysis of crowd management. This article introduces the principles of crowd…

Walkway Barriers & Accessibility Disputes

By Mark Monteith, AIA, LEED AP
Expert Overview

Architectural barriers appear in a broad range of premises liability disputes. Compliance with the ADA and other relevant codes and standards frequently removes hazards from access routes like…

Security Assessment: Apartment/Condo Walkthrough

By Michael Pearl, CPP
Expert Overview

In this article we look at some of the important items that should be evaluated when getting started on a premises security case. Whether you’ve been retained on behalf of the plaintiff or…

Parking Lot Operations & Management

By Christopher C. Fogarty
Expert Article

Parking lots are host to a variety of vehicle, pedestrian, operational, and construction activities, sometimes simultaneously. Facility owners and operators must inspect parking lots on the premises…

School Playgrounds as Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations

By Suzanne Rodriguez, Ed.D., M.S.W., P.P.S.C., C.P.S.I.
Expert Article

Schools that utilize the playground as an entry and exit location for student pick up and drop off face a number of security challenges due to the size, number of access points, pedestrian and foot…

Field Sobriety Testing & Marijuana Impairment

By Mark Meredith
Expert Article

The most reliable indicator of driver impairment is an observation of a driver’s behavior behind the wheel, followed by an assessment performed by a qualified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). Forensic…

Child Welfare Cases

By Abigail Rich, LCSW
Expert Overview

This article discusses the forensic process for determining if child services failed to protect children. Social Work expert Abigail Rich has investigated a variety of cases where children have…

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