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Police Pursuits & Emergency Responses

By Mark Meredith
Expert Article

Most states have a limited exemption regarding traffic laws for police officers driving during an emergency. States recognize the importance of providing police officers the ability to respond to…

Concrete Reinforcement (Rebar) Impalement Hazards

By Jeffrey A. Tedder, P.E.
Expert Overview

The installation of reinforcing bars for concrete construction, or rebar, is a specialized construction activity that is inherently dangerous not only for the craftsmen engaged in the actual rebar…

Elopement in Residential Facilities

By Tracy Davis
Expert Article

In supervised care environments, the term “elopement” describes when a patient or resident leaves the premises without authorization and/or necessary supervision. If elopement occurs, the…

Retaining Wall Failures

By Mark Duckett, P.E., S.I.
Expert Overview

The damages that can result from the failure of a retaining wall range from minor to catastrophic. Retaining walls are structures used to retain soils (i.e., laterally support them) where a change in…

Low Light Conditions in Arenas & Stadiums

By Mark T. Sullivan, AIA, NCARB, CDT
Expert Article

Fixed seating assembly occupancies, such as arena and stadium venues, are designed to provide entertainment to large audiences, and must make the main event easily visible for seated audience members…

Athletic Director Responsibilities for Equipment Safety

By Ronald H. Kennedy, Jr., Ed.D.
Expert Article

High school Athletic Directors (AD) have broad responsibilities for the proper management of athletic programs, including the safety of athletes. One of the most important aspects of an AD’s…

Electric Vehicle Crash Safety

By Christopher D. Roche
Expert Overview

Electric vehicles are held to the same crashworthiness standards as conventional vehicles, except for specific requirements surrounding the high voltage systems. This article provides a tutorial for…

Stairway Design Standards

By Catherine Peterman, AIA, NCARB
Expert Overview

In this article, the premises safety experts at Robson Forensic provide an introduction to the International Building Code stairway design requirements for new buildings. Particular attention is paid…

Liquor Liability at Open Bars & Catered Events

By Paul Romanos, Jr.
Expert Article

At a catered event, the industry standard of care when multiple drinks are served to an individual is that the bartender/server be able to observe the recipients of those drinks to prevent service to…

Wall Condensation Construction Claims

By Anthony Fenton, AIA, RRC, REWC, ASCA-C, CXLT
Expert Overview

When water damage is found in a wall, an exterior leak is often assumed; however, condensation should also be considered. This article explores the design standards for mitigating wall condensation…

Dog Bites at Animal Care Facilities

By Kenyon Conklin, VMD
Expert Article

Dog bites occasionally occur at kennels, shelters, veterinary clinics, and other venues that host canines outside of the home. This article discusses the standard of care for preventing dog bite…

“Run-Off-Road” Incidents: Requirements for Curve Signage

By Richard Tippett, P.E., T.E.
Expert Overview

NHTSA data supports that approximately half of all fatal, run-off-road (ROR) crashes occur along curves. While an examination of driver actions is relevant in many of these crashes, it may also be…

Unseaworthy Vessels

By Hendrik J. Keijer
Expert Article

A vessel is deemed seaworthy when it is determined to be reasonably fit for her intended use. The Titanic was a passenger cruise liner which was intended to be used to safely carry passengers and…

Electrical Shock Investigation Discovery Questions

By Robson Forensic
Expert Article

Through a forensic investigation, it can often be determined whether electrical shock conditions were present, whether an electric shock occurred, and if electric shock did occur, the cause or causes.…

The Hazards of Concrete Pumping Operations

By Jeffrey A. Tedder, P.E.
Expert Overview

Concrete pumping operations present a number of typical mishaps that can lead to personal injury. Many of these hazards are associated with the forces and energy exerted by the pump and should be…

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