Albert J. Kerelis, Jr., AIA, NCARB, ARM Architecture, Construction & Premises Safety Expert

Albert J. Kerelis, Jr., Architecture, Construction & Premises Safety Expert

Albert Kerelis is an architect with over 25 years of experience in building design, construction administration, and property management. He applies his expertise to forensic casework involving construction claims, premises liability disputes, and matters involving architectural professional liability.

Albert's architectural experience includes building design, land planning, construction document preparation, and construction administration. As a Principal Architect, Albert's project experience includes health care facilities, medical offices, commercial and office spaces, warehouses and industrial facilities, and single and multi-family residences.

Mr. Kerelis has extensive experience in Property Management, from the perspectives of both owner and manager, involving residential and commercial properties. Albert developed, constructed, and managed multiple properties, seeing them from acquisition and zoning approvals to site improvements, general contracting, and ongoing maintenance. As a result, Albert has extensive experience in walkway and parking lot maintenance, building maintenance codes and compliance, building repairs and renovations, as well as lease agreements and collections.

Mr. Kerelis is a Registered Architect in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, and a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) and is also a certified user of the English XL slip tester. He earned his B.S. in Architecture and M.Arch from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Professional Experience

Robson Forensic, Inc.


2019 to present

Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony for failure analysis, and toward the resolution of commercial and personal injury litigation involving slip, trip and fall injuries, code compliance, accessibility, construction claims and disputes, construction materials and systems, property management practices, and professional liability. Areas of expertise include:

Facility Failure/Property Damage:

  • Building foundation settlement / failure
  • Water intrusion
  • Building envelope failures
  • Roof system failures
  • Wall system failures
  • Fire protections, sprinkler systems
  • Structural systems
  • Pre-engineered structural systems
  • Building hardware devices, manual and powered
  • Electrical, HVAC, plumbing systems
  • Building maintenance, repair failure
  • Walking surface ice and snow removal
  • Site unsuitable soils investigation and related remedial costs
  • Parking lots, loading docks

Premises Safety:

  • Stairway design and safety
  • Handicapped accessible ramps, ramp safety
  • Guard rail, railing and baluster failure, safety
  • Ingress and egress safety
  • Special users safety, elderly, handicapped, disabled
  • Swimming pool design, safety
  • Walking surface safety, slip, trip, stumble and fall incidents
  • Conspicuousness of hazards, contrast, warning


  • Accessible components, ramps
  • Accessibility standards, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Areas of rescue assistance, two way communication
  • Site accessibility
  • Building accessibility, accessible routes


  • Architect default of contract
  • Contractor default of contract
  • Subcontractor default of contract
  • Owner default of contract
  • Construction defect claims
  • Delay claims

Codes and Standards (building/site design and planning):

  • Building codes and safety standards violations
  • Zoning codes, ordinance and standards violations
  • Planned unit development violations
  • Accessibility codes and standards
  • Special use and conditional use violations
  • Covenants and restrictions claims

Facilities Design Group, P.C.

2004 to present

Architect 2016-present
Design firm providing architectural services for private sector residential, commercial and industrial projects. Responsibilities for new construction include: site analysis, code review, code compliance, ADA review, schematic design, structural design, mechanical, electrical and fire suppression designs, cost estimates, construction documents and construction administration/observation. Responsibilities for additions and renovations included: documentation of existing conditions including: structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; code review and compliance; design of new structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; construction documents and construction observation.

Consultant 2004-2016
Duties included review of construction documents, structural system design, wall section and detailing for constructability, construction observation/administration for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential projects. Provided expert witness services including: investigations, analysis, reports, depositions and testimony for residential projects.

Kerelis, Inc.


2005 to 2015

Ran the day to day operation of a property management company and expanded the business into real-estate development. Procured real estate, created Planned Unit Development working with Village Staff, presented to planning commission and village board to obtain zoning approval, annexation, and final plat of subdivision for an 11 unit townhouse development. Was the Construction Manager for site improvement including: site grading, storm sewers, site utilities and roadway as well as for the construction of three buildings containing a total of 11 units.

Responsibilities included: bidding and negotiating, construction phasing and timelines, contract performance, change order analysis, enforcement of contract provisions, site safety, closeout procedures, warranties and repairs.

Facilities Manager 2000-2015
Managed residential and commercial properties. inspected site and building conditions and investigated site and building defects. Repaired or contracted and directed maintenance personnel and contractors including roofers, HVAC, landscaping and snow management. Contracted, managed and directed the remodeling of bathrooms, kitchens, and door/ window replacement projects. Created budget and long-term maintenance plan for buildings and their sites.

Additional Facilities/Property Management Experience:

  • Parking lot maintenance, repair and replacement including wheel stops
  • Sidewalk maintenance, repair and replacement
  • Roof maintenance, repair and replacement (flat and pitched)
  • Foundation repairs
  • Flood control of units (storm and sewer)
  • Flooring maintenance and replacement including common areas and stairwells.
  • Snow and Ice management
  • Stairwell and railings
  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Decks and balconies
  • Curbs and ramps
  • Pest control
    • Insect infestation (ants, cockroaches)
    • Rodent infestations
      • Squirrels and raccoons
      • Rats, mice and bats

Facilities Design, Ltd.

1993 to 2004

Principal Architect 1995-2004
Design firm providing architectural services for public sector institutional projects and private sector commercial, industrial and residential projects including prison security doors, space planning, retail, medical offices, high hazard warehouse and chemical processing facility

Intern Architect 1993-1995
Responsible for construction documents including wall sections and details. Coordinated consultants work. On-site representative for public and private sector projects including institutional, commercial, residential and industrial projects.

Additional Architectural / Design Services:

  • Public Hearings, special and conditional uses
  • Legal proceedings or arbitration
  • Construction / project owner representation
  • Programming / needs analysis
  • Site evaluations / surveys
  • Construction cost estimating
  • Quantity and existing condition surveys
  • Bidding and negotiating
  • Construction time-line creation and maintenance
  • Interior design services
  • Owner consulting services

Peter Kamnitzer and Associates

Staff Architect

1992 to 1993

Responsibilities included the schematic design of assisted living facilities, creation of presentation drawings for client and zoning appeal meetings.

Facilities Design, Ltd.

Intern Architect

1986 to 1992

Design firm providing architectural services for public sector institutional projects including schools and a prison’s multi-purpose building, as well as private sector commercial, industrial and residential projects; assisted with building surveys, field measurements and construction documents including wall sections and details; provided on-site representation on public sector projects.

Professional Credentials

  • Registered Architect: Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, South Carolina, Wisconsin
  • Certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
  • ASCA-C Professional Certified
  • Certified XL Tribometrist (CXLT)
  • Accredited Residential Manager (ARM)


M.Arch., University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois, 1993
B.S., Architecture, University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois, 1990

Continuing Education:

  • “Slips, Trips, and Falls International Conference 2023”
    • Technological approaches to risk and hazard assessment
    • Current issues in tribometer use and validity
    • Designing, identifying, and promoting safer footwear
    • Safer Winter Walking
    • Characterizing gait, balance, and fall recovery I
    • Using citizen science and m-fall technologies to improve stair fall surveillance
    • Preventing falls in the workplace
    • Characterizing gait, balance, and fall recovery II
    • Targeted Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention -Winter Weather Safety Plans
    • Fall risk and the built environment
    • Broadening our understanding and strategies to address falls.
  • “POSH 3rd Edition-ASC Virtual 4 Day Course,” NSC Learning, 2022
  • “Barrier-Free Design and the 2010 ADA Standards,” NCARB, 2022
  • “Fire Safety in Buildings Part III: Managing the Fire,” NCARB, 2022
  • “Fire Safety in Buildings Part II: Preventing Ignition,” NCARB, 2022
  • “Security and Crash-rated Bollards, AEC Daily,” 2022
  • “Breaking In: Designing and Strategizing for Successful Multifamily Housing Projects”, Hanley Wood University, 2022
  • “Getting in Touch: The Importance of Architect-Manufacturer Collaborations” (Print Course), Hanley Wood University, 2022
  • “Aging Infrastructure: A Universal Approach to Managing Condos,” IREM 2022
  • “Managing Industrial Properties Effectively 2022," IREM, 2022
  • “Fair Housing Skill Badge,” IREM, 2022
  • “How to Avoid and Mitigate Personal Injury Claims in the Property Management Industry,” IREM, 2021
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  • “Professional Conduct Part II: Competence,” NCARB, 2019
  • “Professional Conduct Part I: Registration,” NCARB, 2019
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  • “Why Buildings Fail Part II: Fundamental Errors at the Outset of a Project,” NCARB, 2019
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Professional Memberships

  • American Institute of Architects
  • ASTM
    Technical Committees:
    • D08 - Roofing and Waterproofing
    • D08.20 - Roofing Membrane Systems
    • E06 - Performance of Buildings
    • E06.25 - Whole Buildings and Facilities
    • F13 - Pedestrian/Walkway Safety and Footwear
    • F13.50 - Walkway Surfaces
  • International Code Council (ICC)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Capital Development Board Project Manager
  • Alpha Rho Chi Professional Architects’ Fraternity
  • Institute of Real Estate Management

Community Involvement

  • Lithuanian Cultural School of Chicago
    • Board of Directors since 2004-2019
  • Lithuanian Scouts Association, Inc
    • Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2021
    • Chief Scoutmaster-Boys Division 2013-2020
    • Local Troop Leader since 2009
  • Jesuit Fathers’ Lithuanian Center, Inc.
    • Board of Directors 2010-15

v. 08/13/23

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